Status of counterfeit goods and scams 2023

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In the past, there was a hierarchy of occupations in Vietnamese society, with the most prestigious being scholars, followed by farmers, craftsmen, and merchants. However, in modern society, entrepreneurship is increasingly seen as a desirable career path.

There are a few reasons for this. First, entrepreneurship is seen as a way to achieve financial success. Second, it is seen as a way to be independent and control one’s own destiny. Third, it is seen as a way to make a difference in the world.

Of course, entrepreneurship is not without its risks. Entrepreneurs face the challenge of starting and running a successful business, and they may also face financial instability. However, the rewards of entrepreneurship can be great, both financially and personally.

One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs is the rise of counterfeit goods. Counterfeit goods are often made with inferior materials and construction, and they may not meet safety standards. They can also be harmful to the environment.

Another challenge facing entrepreneurs is the competition from online retailers. Online retailers offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices, and they can reach a global audience. This can make it difficult for brick-and-mortar stores to compete.

Despite these challenges, entrepreneurship is still a viable career path. With hard work and dedication, entrepreneurs can build successful businesses that make a positive impact on the world.

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1. What is the goal other than money?

Business can be seen as an educational environment where the curriculum is updated every hour, both buyers and sellers are constantly learning and improving their knowledge and skills. And of course, 100 students will have a certain percentage of cheating in order to get high grades.

Some people think that there is no need to work hard when there are many easier ways to get points. Or they cite examples of people who study less, play more, but later become successful in society. When you want to make the above arguments, please attach the percentage of these examples. These examples are worth appreciating and we must learn from them, but do not create a blind worship of such special cases.

Life is a combination of factors such as work, finance, career, family, love, personal desires, short-term – long-term benefits, selfishness, and altruism. Everyone wants to have 100% of these things for themselves, but the number never appears. There are cases where people achieve 200% of a certain factor, but other indicators will be lowered.

The law of compensation has never been wrong, with each individual, it only differs in time, context, and content. There are successful women in their careers, with houses and cars, but have never known what their husbands and children are like, going back and forth alone for years. Or business owners who manage thousands of employees but cannot manage their own children.

You want each indicator to reach 70% or invest in one indicator to reach 200% and the other indicators may go negative. That’s up to you. But on a large scale, as a service provider, product for millions of customers, the word “depends” is not allowed to be used.

In business, the first goal is profit, if you have a profit, you will be able to pay employees’ salaries, enrich yourself, and then bring money to charity. However, there is a longer-term way of doing charity that is saying no to counterfeit goods, providing quality products and services to consumers.

Only if the product is not counterfeit, there is no 10 to say 1, does not use harmful chemicals, does not cause cancer… Only so is also charity for millions of people, millions of families.

The hardest part is controlling greed. Greed is the driving force for striving. It is also the cause of the proliferation of counterfeit goods. When the desire for high profits is disregarded, dirty methods are used, and the sale of counterfeit goods is the simplest way.

Xem video gốc trên Facebook

2. Many tricks to make fake goods

I watched a video on Facebook of a woman in a lab coat introducing a cosmetics factory in Vietnam. The video only briefly showed the bottling line and the labeling of bottles, but the narrator kept saying “You are watching the factory that produces the super product…”

If a company has a mixing formula and a large enough order, many manufacturing facilities that have machines, mixing and packaging lines will accept the product. Instead of stirring by hand, fermenting manually, or bottling manually with a funnel, I hire a factory to do these things.

Recording a video as mentioned above does not reflect much. With products that directly affect human health, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the research process requires a lot of cost, time, effort, and brainpower and requires a high level of scientific expertise.

Currently, many products extracted from traditional herbal remedies are trending in the treatment and care of health. The advantage of this product line is its “benign” nature and few side effects. However, in order to have a strong effect, it must go through a research process, extract to eliminate unnecessary factors, and increase the effect of beneficial active ingredients.

Some active ingredients after research, if they can be synthesized by modern methods, will help to reduce the product cost. Because if taken directly from herbs, it is necessary to ensure that the organic raw materials are cultivated, do not use toxic fertilizers and pesticides, must schedule harvesting and storage… very costly in terms of labor, gardening… And it is not necessarily guaranteed to ensure enough production for medicine and obviously raises the cost.

The whole process creates a health support product. However, today, many facilities and people are taking advantage of the label “plant origin, traditional herbal medicine…” to create a variety of products with a long list of features that may only lack the process of bringing the dead back to life.

Someone in my family had back pain, but did not follow a conventional treatment method. He bought pain relievers himself. There are some traditional Chinese medicines, which can relieve pain very quickly, better than western medicine. But after a few months, the disease did not go away and had to have surgery to remove the herniated disc. A year later, he had surgery to replace the hip with metal. The preliminary cost of discectomy with health insurance is 80 million VND, and the replacement of each joint is estimated to cost around 120 million VND.

The cause is the use of counterfeit drugs, those prescriptions only include ordinary ingredients but are mixed with pain relievers, which only relieve pain immediately. The cause of the disease is not eliminated, accompanied by side effects causing liver and kidney dysfunction, and stomach pain.

3. Cases of counterfeiting are popular

From 2017 to the present, many cases of fake pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have emerged. The most prominent case is the import of pharmaceuticals of unknown origin, the import of fake anti-cancer drugs, smuggling, and market domination of VN Pharma Joint Stock Company, involving many pharmacies and hospitals.

Recently, the case of cancer treatment drugs made from bamboo charcoal by Vinaca Company was exposed in April 2018. Currently, there is no drug called cancer treatment, traditional medicine is only a supportive treatment, increasing the health of patients only. Western medicine also has to use a combination of many methods from physics to chemotherapy to hope to control the disease.

Being diagnosed with cancer is already a family’s agony, but a pharmaceutical company is willing to extinguish the patient’s hope by giving them charcoal and recommending them to drink it with XO ​​wine – which may not even be real wine.

Also in April, consumers were shocked by the case of “coffee mixed with PIN”, although the opponents now argue that PIN is mixed with agricultural waste to create color, and then mixed with pepper seeds to increase weight. So even if there is no PIN coffee, there is still “PIN-mixed pepper” in every family meal.

In the case of Vinaca Company, with its resources, it takes advantage of organizations to polish its reputation, leaving consumers with no way out. After the case was exposed, the Business Support and Brand Development Consulting Center (under the management of the Vietnam Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Association) where the Vinaca Co., Ltd. was certified has responded in a way that shirks responsibility. With organizations like this, you just need to contribute a sizable amount to the common fund to get a certificate.

Mất niềm tin khi Trưởng ban tổ chức là bà Trần Mai Khanh - Viện trưởng Viện công nghệ chống làm giả - Hiệp hội Chống hàng giả và Bảo vệ Thương hiệu Việt Nam (VATAP) đã ký tên chứng nhận MỘT SẢN PHẨM GIẢ MẠO.
Losing confidence when the head of the organizing committee, Ms. Tran Mai Khanh – Director of the Institute of Anti-Counterfeiting Technology – Vietnam Association of Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection (VATAP) signed the certificate of a FAKE PRODUCT.

4. A trick to create a trend to sell traditional medicine

When you Google the keywords “Thuốc đông y Thanh Mộc Hương” and “Thuốc Đông Y Gia Truyền Dân Tộc Dao”, you will see that they are all advertised with extremely effective, wonderful, and multi-purpose (from eye drops, treating hemorrhoids to diabetes) effects that even modern medicines today may not be able to match. These ads are often accompanied by photos of the products in front of backgrounds of seminars, award ceremonies, or certificates from organizations similar to the center mentioned above.

On Facebook, there are constantly groups selling these products. Whenever someone posts an ad for sale, a number of accounts will like, share, and leave comments such as “Send me 3 bottles”, “The medicine works very well, please send me 2 more bottles”. If you are a little bit more careful, you can easily see that these accounts are also sellers of the product and belong to the same group, and they are creating fake reviews to sell the product instead of putting the health of consumers first.

Hàng thật hay hàng giả phần lớn phụ thuộc vào người bán.
Build your brand by paying, participating in spontaneous honors seminars.

5. Consumers underestimate their own health

When we condemn the manufacturers and wholesalers of counterfeit goods or the weakness of market regulators, we must also look at the lack of wisdom of many consumers. Their laziness in researching products, especially cosmetics, before buying them.

Consumers always dream of things that are both delicious, nutritious and cheap, then they will fall into the trap of counterfeit and poor quality goods.

I used to work with a cute girl. But she always wanted to be prettier. I saw her buy a whitening cream, apply it for a few days, and the skin on her face peeled off like when she had dry lips. The process of applying the drug lasted for a month, and she had to wear a mask all day at work. After a while, I saw her stop for a while and then continue the skin peeling process.

The skin is used to protect the body, but how can you kill it, force it to peel off layer by layer for 30 consecutive days? It’s no different from a wound that can’t heal! This type of whitening causes severe damage to the skin, and may cause a temporary feeling of increased whiteness, as the skin peels off to reveal the new skin underneath. However, in the long run, the skin becomes weak, and later on, wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer are more likely to occur. And especially, the unknown active ingredients in those bottles of medicine have already penetrated into the body.

For office workers, salespeople in shopping malls, and bank tellers, makeup is almost mandatory when going to work. Suppose that women buy fake lipstick, hand-made lipstick with floating ingredients. Then, from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, continuously for 356 days, how much toxic substances have they swallowed?

Cheap, low-quality clothing can be washed thoroughly to remove dyes. However, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals are absorbed into the body immediately. And there is no detox water that can cleanse the body.

When you are a business owner or running a small business, the choice of sustainable development or running for immediate benefits is up to you. Society is always in a state of elimination, and the good things will develop sustainably.

For consumers, be sober and discerning in choosing goods, and do not talk about the benefits of buying real goods for manufacturers, but first think about it for yourself.

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