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Son & Park was founded by Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun. They are two of Korea’s top beauty artists. Son Dae Sik is an expert in skin care, and Park Tae Yun is a master of makeup art. The two were once classmates. After becoming extremely successful, they collaborated on the Son & Park brand.

1. Son & park’s opinion

People often know this talented couple through the fact that they are makeup experts for famous artists such as Jun Ji Hyun and Sandara Park (2NE1). Or through their appearance on the popular TV show Get It Beauty. But few people know that they were the first to create the glow and dewy makeup trend that has now become an international trend. They were also the first to create BB cream 15 years ago.

Son & Park products comply with the motto “Simply Perfect,” which means that the core of a beautiful makeup layer must be based on a beautiful skin foundation, using the purest and simplest things to evoke beauty.

2. Prize

  • 2004 Won Makeup Artist of the Year, organized by Harper’s BAZAAR
  • 2004 Won Makeup Artist of the Year, voted by The Photo Artist Society of Korea
  • 2015 Won Makeup Artist of the Year at K-Model Awards

3. Son Dae Sik, Celebrity Makeup Artist

This is a short exchange with Son Dae Sick:

Son Dae Sik is a famous makeup artist, co-founder of the 15-year-old beauty brand Son & Park in Korea. The main customer group of this brand is celebrities. He has achieved global fame as the lead makeup artist for several Sephora campaigns and as a guest at the KCON event in Los Angeles.

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My mother is very modern and owns her own fashion store. She is one of the elements that create my unique style. There’s no fun when you don’t have a difference and have a common style like the majority.

I was inspired to create Beauty Water (Son&Park’s flagship product) based on my own skin concerns. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I can’t arbitrarily use products on the market. At night, I use beauty water to moisturize very dry areas, and sometimes I mix it with other skin care products. I cannot live without it.

Skin Care
When washing my face, in addition to facial cleanser, I also often use natural grains like red bean powder. Because they are so smooth, they gently exfoliate your face without causing much irritation. You must try it because red bean really removes the most stubborn makeup oil, and it has a lot of ingredients that are beneficial for the skin because it is an antioxidant.

Exfoliation and applying an essence mask are essential. When preparing for special occasions, you should gently exfoliate and apply a sheet mask before applying makeup.

The Secret
My secret beauty tip is to apply skincare products infused with pearl-based ingredients to diffuse imperfections and create a glowing, bright complexion.


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