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Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum has the main ingredient Niacinamide 10%, which has the function of fading dark spots, brightening skin, treating acne, shrinking pores, balancing, and moisturizing. Its low price really stirs up the skincare world.

To get a realistic perspective on this product, we conducted a survey of customers who had used the serum for at least one month. The article will prioritize the results of the survey, followed by reviews (design, structure, price, etc.) and the author’s personal advice.

I. Customer reviews for Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum

Survey invitations were successfully sent to 288 customers, of which 208 participated. All customers have used the product for at least one month.

  • The 5* rating is 43.27%.
  • The 4* rating is 22.6%.
  • The 3* rating is 5.29%.
  • The 2* rating is 9.6%.
  • The 1* rating is 19.7%.
Costumer Review About Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum
Costumer Review About Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum

a. 65% love the product

Ratings at levels four and five account for 65.41%, covering many aspects such as the effectiveness, texture, design, scent, and safety of this serum.

  1. Improved skin texture: Many users noticed smoother skin and improved skin texture after using the product.
  2. Reduces pore size.
  3. Reduce acne and dark spots.
  4. It moisturizes and does not cause dry skin.
  5. Reasonable price: Many users appreciate the product’s effectiveness compared to its price.
  6. Non-irritating: The product is suitable for sensitive skin and does not cause irritation.
  7. Brightens and evens skin tone.
  8. Liquid texture, quickly absorbed, and not greasy or sticky.
  9. Effective when used in combination with other products: The product works well when used in conjunction with other skin care products such as vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and acne cream.
  10. Some customers find the product helps reduce swelling and puffiness.
  11. Cute, luxurious design.

Some customers also think that the product has the same or better quality than other expensive brands.

To have a more comprehensive view, I tried to go deeper into each piece of feedback from the group of 4-star-rated customers to find the bad points. The results are as follows:

  • There were six people complaining because no obvious improvement was seen or the effect was not as expected.
  • Five people said the product caused irritation, acne, or other side effects.
  • One person said: The product is not suitable for skin types, causing the skin to secrete more oil.

b. 35% are not satisfied

In this section, we will analyze the group of customers who rated 1, 2, and 3 stars. This group accounts for 34.59%. Below is the list of complaints we have compiled. (Note: A customer can complain about many aspects of a product.)

  1. Causes acne or makes acne worse: 25
  2. Not seeing results: 23
  3. Irritation, redness, and burning: 16
  4. The product is damaged or leaking upon receipt: 8
  5. Concentration too high, not suitable for sensitive skin: 7
  6. Causes of dry skin: 2
  7. Unpleasant odor after a period of use: 1
  8. Cannot be used under makeup: 1
  9. The solution is too liquid and runs out quickly: 1

In addition, this group of customers still has compliments, although not significant:

  • Reasonable price: 2
  • Easy to use, the solution absorbs quickly: 1
  • Does not cause dry skin, does not have an unpleasant odor: 2
  • Nice packaging: 1

The results from the survey add great value to deciding whether to trust Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum or not. The ratios clearly reflect advantages and disadvantages. The remaining decision is up to you.

II. My own review

This content is mostly about my feelings about some basic aspects of Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum 10%. Most of the information has been published, but I will summarize it to save your time.

good molecules niacinamide serum

a. Design

The serum bottle has a simple design, like most other brands. The packaging has youthful colors and a bit of luxury. Information about the ingredients and functions of the product is printed clearly and completely.

b. Volume and price

This serum has two versions: 30 ml priced at 5.99 USD and 75 ml priced at 12 USD sold at Amazon. With a price like this, it attracts a lot of attention and purchases.

Some say the product is of equal or better quality than other expensive brands, making it worth every penny. This serum is a bit more liquid than expected, so it is easy to absorb.

c. Uses

Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum is announced to have the function of fading dark spots, brightening skin, treating acne, shrinking pores, balancing, and moisturizing.

d. Suitable skin type

According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for all skin types. However, through the survey, we advise those with sensitive skin to consider before buying.

e. Ingredients

Water 80.55%, Niacinamide 10.0%, Dipropylene Glycol 4.0%, Glycerin 2.0%, 1,2-Hexanediol 2.0%, Betaine 1.0%, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/ VP Copolymer 0.3%, Xanthan Gum 0.1%,  Ethylhexylglycerin 0.05%

I know that when it was first launched, the product contained more ingredients than it does now. After many adjustments, in 2024 and version 1.4, this serum only includes the substances listed above. Analysis from CosDna shows they are very safe.

Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum Ingredients CosDna

III. Conclude

65% of customers are satisfied with the product, and the price is very good. I think there is no need to worry when deciding to buy it. There is a small percentage of customers who experience irritation due to sensitive skin, so anyone with this type of skin should consider it carefully. The product is also not suitable if you have eczema.

By Maisie Dunbar

Insufficient scientific understanding of skincare can result in significant harm, including irritation and permanent damage. Alongside the information provided by my colleagues and myself, it is crucial to arm yourself with scientific knowledge to make informed choices.

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