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Not many people know that Banobagi is a large corporation operating in many specialized niches in the fields of health care and beauty. Its full name is BANOBAGI PLASTIC SURGERY CLINIC, founded in 2000 in Seoul, Korea.

During the process of consulting and helping customers, we tried asking them about this brand, and most of them knew it through the mask product line and advertisements about Banobagi Plastic Surgery Hospital. However, this is very poor and erroneous information!

The most important thing you need to remember is that Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic is NOT A HOSPITAL; it is exactly a SPECIALIZED CLINIC and has cooperation with other hospitals in Korea. The reason many people mistake it for a hospital is probably because this brand is so famous and owns very large and modern centers.

1. Banobagi’s field of operation

With 24 years of experience, BANOBAGI still pursues the fields of aesthetics and health care. This brand offers many services to international patients. The services they provide are as follows:

  • Plastic Surgery Clinic: Perform platic surgery techniques (body, face, eyes, nose, chest…)
  • Dermatology Clinic: Diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases.
  • Petit Clinic: Filler, botox, skin laser, skin booster, laser lifting, thread lifting, IV injection.
  • Wellness Clinic: Application of stem cells in treatment and prolongation of aging, pre-cancer testing, cancer recurrence testing, pre-cancer treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Hair Transplant Clinic: Treatment of scalp diseases. Treats hair loss, thin and weak hair. Perform hair transplant procedures.
  • Banobagi Cosmetic: Research and develop skin care products: Facial cleanser, sunscreen, cream, toner, serum, lotion, mask.
  • Eleven Dental Clinic: Treatment of dental diseases and orthodontics.

After searching and synthesizing the above information, I was surprised by the comprehensive services this brand offers. Customers can have all their needs met when coming to Banobagi centers; every part of the body can be made more beautiful here.

2. Global Cooperation

This brand is always seeking to increase access to global customers. They participate in many conferences and exhibitions abroad to grasp new trends and meet the needs of international customers. Doctors also participate in technical exchange events and improve skills with foreign health facilities. Banobagi also sent doctors to other countries to provide support in cases of complex orthopedic surgery.

This brand has opened representative offices in many countries (Japan, China, the US, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.). Customers can go through representative offices to ask about beauty services and receive support in completing procedures to travel to Korea.

3. Deep customer insight

3.1 International patient support

Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic has been oriented from the beginning to serve patients in every country. Therefore, customer care service has been standardized in the most professional and simple way.

Before opening a representative office in any country, The company has researched local culture and customer needs. With that data, the company builds consulting documents and processes that are very reasonable and easy to understand.

International patients will be given directions, or door-to-door pick-up service will be provided. If patients do not speak English or Korean, they will be assisted by an interpreter. Patients can also choose private accommodations near the treatment center to save on travel costs and time.

3.2 Safety comes first

Doctors believe that each patient is a unique case; they have their own identity and personality, and their views on beauty are also different. That’s why doctors are very careful right from the consultation step and get patients’ opinions before treatment. Choose methods that are honest and tailored to individual needs.

Patient safety is a top priority, so the clinic meticulously plans all stages of patient treatment and care, involving the surgical team in this process.

Banobagi also pays attention to supporting post-treatment recovery. Recovery speed depends largely on each person’s health. This experience is actually not pleasant at all. Faced with that reality, the clinic focuses on discussing very carefully with patients to early detect abnormalities and develop appropriate care methods for each case.

4. Banobagi Cosmetic

This department is responsible for the research and development of cosmetics. This brand is confident in entering this field because:

  • They want to perfect their ecosystem in the fields of health care and beauty.
  • Take advantage of practical research on diseases and customer needs over 20 years of development.
  • Inheriting and developing scientific research conducted with domestic and foreign universities, and among other international hospitals.

These skincare products follow the direction of enhancing natural ingredients, do not use chemical fragrances, and do not use preservatives. Product categories include: Cleansing, Toner, Serum, Lotion&Cream, Sun Care, Mask.

International customers can order these products through the website https://en.banobagicosmetic.com.

In addition, the company also has authorized stores and e-commerce platforms in many markets (Japan, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Russia, the UK, and Scandinavia). You can find where to buy here: https://en.banobagicosmetic.com/brand/store.html.

By Maisie Dunbar

Insufficient scientific understanding of skincare can result in significant harm, including irritation and permanent damage. Alongside the information provided by my colleagues and myself, it is crucial to arm yourself with scientific knowledge to make informed choices.

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