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Let's see, what type of skin do you have?


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" Each person's skin has many different genetic factors. In addition, the living environment also has a significant impact. Therefore, to effectively care for it, we need to have full knowledge. "

According to the Baumann classification method, there are up to 16 different skin types. Each skin type will have different care methods and use different products. Therefore, completing the 4 tests below is the first thing you must do before considering seeking support or choosing to buy skincare products.


Test 1: Oily vs Dry

This section measures skin oil production and hydration. Studies show that people’s preconceptions about whether their skin is oily or dry are often inaccurate. Don’t allow your preconceptions or what others think and say about your skin to bias your answers.

Test 2: Sensitive vs Resistant

This section measures your skin’s tendency to develop pimples, redness, flushing, and itching, all signs of sensitive skin.

Test 3: Pigmented vs Non-pigmented

This section measures your skin’s tendency to form melanin, a skin pigment that produces darker skin tones as well as dark patches, freckles, and dark areas after trauma. Melanin also helps you tan rather than burn.

Test 4: Wrinkled vs Tight

This section measures your tendency to wrinkle, as well as how wrinkled you are right now. Some of my patients confessed that they cheated on this section to come out as a T-after I caught them doing it. Don’t do that! You’re only cheating yourself out of using therapies that could prevent wrinkles. Changing your habits now could change your score in the future from a W to a T. So be honest and get the right treatments if you need them.

Through the four tests above, you have determined what skin type you have. Corresponding to each skin type and each type of problem you are having, there will be a specialized care method. The amount of information is quite a lot, so we will give you the book “The Skin Type Solution“. You can rely on the table of contents to quickly find your skin category. The book will help you with three main issues:

  1. Provides physiological knowledge of the corresponding skin type. List the risks and how to avoid them.
  2. Providing care, treatment, and cosmetic therapies for each skin type.
  3. Suggest suitable products and should be avoided.
16 Baumann Skin Type

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