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As is known, chemical exfoliants work better than physical methods, that’s why Some by Mi has put all 3 things AHA – BHA -PHA into the product bottle. Some By Mi Acne Toner AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle – That is, an acne toner with a 30-day course. The honest review below is done by   fAlyssa Martinez – the owner of the website She has sensitive skin and lots of red pimples.

I warn you that the original review is quite long. However, because has its own analysis of ingredients such as AHA- BHA -PHA, I will link the attached link to avoid having to copy the content. The review goes from the outside to the inside, ie product introduction, external comments and most importantly, actual use for 30 days.

A –  What is Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Toner?

This is a type of TONER that not only cleanses and moisturizes the skin, but its main feature is to treat acne, exfoliate with a course of 30 days.

This product is also introduced with the ability to shrink pores, remove blackheads, whiteheads and moisturize skin at the same time. That’s it for now, 5 minutes of advertising has ended.

B – Ingredient

The name of the product reflects the key ingredients inside, which are the three famous chemical exfoliants:

+ AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Water soluble, suitable for dry/normal skin. Besides, this ingredient can also erase fine lines because of its ability to thicken the epidermis and stimulate collagen production.

+ BHA – Beta Hydroxy Acids are oil-soluble, so they work deeply to remove dirt, stubborn dead cells and unclog pores.

+ PHA – Polyhydroxy Acids also have the ability to exfoliate but are gentle, not irritating the skin. Moreover, PHA is also an antioxidant, stimulates skin cell regeneration, reduces wrinkles and helps facial skin to be stronger and firmer.

Detailed article about AHA -BHA -PHA – LHA

Tea Tree Oil – ie extracted from the TEA tree with a concentration as high as 10g/l. The main effect of tea tree oil is antibacterial, preventing fungal diseases, treating skin disorders such as acne, burns, insect bites, etc.

+ Niacinamide – is the main responsible ingredient for removing dark spots and brightening the skin. In this situation, because the product contains chemical exfoliants, the skin will probably be weakened by the sun. The manufacturer has cleverly used   niacinamide instead of Vitamin C according to the traditional formula to avoid making the skin more sensitive.

Article Comparison Between Niacinamide and Vitamin C

+ In addition, ingredients from witch hazel, papaya help fight inflammation, shrink pores. Supports skin lightening, moisture enhancement, and skin soothing thanks to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Glycerin and Hydroyethyl Urea.

Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner
Preliminary assessment of ingredients in Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner – Most are benign

Ingredients table: Water, Butylene Glycol,Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree) Leaf Extract, Polyglyceryl-4 caprate Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract Lens Esculenta (Lenti) Seed Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana Witch Hazel), Extract Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract, swiftlet Nest Extract, sodium Hyaluronate Fructan, Allantoin Adenosine, Hydroyethyl Urea, Xylitol Salicylic Acid, Lactobionic Acid, Citric Acid , Sodium Citrate, 1.2-Hexanediol, Benzyl Glycol, Ethylheeylglycerin,Raspberry Ketone, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, No 20 Hazardous ingredients Tested.

C – Overview

How to use: After cleansing, use a cotton pad to apply Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner to face and neck. Remember to use force to clean the skin.

Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle TonerPacking: The blue color of the bottle is beautiful and cool, 150ml capacity, the initial subjective thought is a bit less according to the introduction for the 30-day usage route. The bottle label has a full list of ingredients as well as a note, full of information so you don’t need to look up more.

Structure: The liquid is literally like water, colorless and non-sticky. Absorbs quickly into the skin, then leaves a slight dewy finish.

D – 30 Days of Treatment

The skin condition before using this product is very unfavorable; Many red festering acne with bran acne, at the same time, according to observation, the dark spots left by acne scars are a lot. It can be seen that the author has hidden acne that is difficult to treat.

For an accurate assessment Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner – Alyssa Martinez decided to cut down the previous skin care steps, from 5 steps to now The 3 steps are: COSRX Low pH Facial Cleanser – Next comes this TONER – Finish with Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

At the same time, she also minimizes makeup, uses foundation, if forced to use, then   Alyssa Martinez will use more cleansing oil to clean before using facial cleanser.

#1. First week

When first used, there will be a stinging sensation on the acne spots. After the second day, the red acne spots begin to accumulate – that is, the “ripening” speed of the acne is accelerated than usual. Small acne spots, hidden under the skin also begin to emerge. The skin is also red at this time.

In fact, the solution has a bactericidal effect – white blood cells begin to digest dirt, bacteria … so acne kernels gather faster – this phenomenon occurs in emerging acne and old acne spots.

For the next five days, only the red marks left by the healing acne remained on the face. Even though I used a cleanser before, when I applied TONER, the cotton pad was still dirty.

Some By Mi Miracle Toner

#2. The second week

Every Sunday morning Alyssa Martinez takes pictures of her skin condition. In the 2nd week, the entire acne becomes dry, the skin looks more bruised. Now she uses extra sunscreen when going out.

Usually TONER will moisturize the skin well, but because the treatment effect is prioritized, this product makes the acne spots and even the skin drier than usual, the skin is tight, the oil secretion is significantly reduced, so Alyssa Martinez increased her use of moisturizer.

#3. Third week

At this point, the effectiveness of the product can be clearly seen. Skin is smoother (pores are smaller), acne redness is reduced – acne blemishes are lighter and brighter.

The overall face is still red, so   Alyssa Martinez uses extra sunscreen – moisturizer – and uses a moisturizing mask to soothe the skin 3 times a week.

Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Toner

#4. The fourth week

Alyssa Martinez used this bottle of SOME BY MI for 2 more days to complete the recommended 30-day course from the company. As you can see from the 3rd and 4th week photos, the acne situation has stabilized, the biggest problem is how to remove the scars and dark spots. When using this TONER, she found that with the small acne that has gathered white heads on the chin, just use the cleaning solution to wipe it a few times, the acne will be cleaned of pus and leveled.

E – Conclude

On the 30th day, Alyssa Martinez’s skin   has significantly reduced acne, acne scars are brighter. Her face is no longer flushed   she thinks it’s the effect of moisturizing and applying masks regularly. She said she will continue to use the entire bottle (expected to be used for another 20 days).

Facial skin looks smoother, pores are practically tightened. Of course, when compared to promotional videos, how can it be equal, however Alyssa Martinez was not disappointed, on the contrary, she appreciated the product, as she had never before seen a product that brought about such a noticeable and overall change as quickly as this.Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Toner

Note: Because the body and the products used are different, it is possible that the effects will be different for each person. Maybe the skin lightening effect will be faster and stronger if you use more essence. Because she wanted to properly evaluate the product,  Alyssa Martinez took the initiative not to use it with other complementary products.

Advantage: Really cleans the face – clears acne treatment – shrinks pores – brightens skin. At first, the author thought that the 150ml capacity would not be enough for 30 days, but at the end of the course, the author said that there was still 40% of the solution.

Defect: Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner   product makes the skin dry, the treatment process makes the skin slightly red. The level of effectiveness depends on your skin condition, can last more than 30 days.

Through a realistic and compassionate review of Ms  Alyssa Martinez – we can see that this product really works. had almost half a bottle of toner left. Therefore, the treatment effect will be even more effective. Thank you for viewing the article.

More support

Because many of you do not have experience, as well as instructions on how to cover the skin when using the product. We have compiled an article about the phenomenon of acne when using AHA BHA PHA. The article mentions the phenomenon, how to care, and how to use the product when the face starts to push up acne.

This is detail post: acne pushing phenomenon WHEN USING AHA BHA PHA

– Translated by Minh Nguyet 

By Hazel Winslow

Due to the nature of my job, I have to constantly travel everywhere. My lifestyle is a bit erratic, and time is limited. Therefore, to maintain my health at the best possible level, I always try to limit fast food and replace it with fruits and vegetables. When it comes to skin care products, I put safety first. Because I don't have much time to do elaborate skin care steps, I like products that provide optimal results in a short time.

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