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When we opened the sale, the pair of products that were asked the most by customers and were also confused when choosing were 3CE White Milk Cream and G9Skin White in Whipping Cream. It’s also right to wonder because the use of both is really the same, and the quality is also difficult to distinguish. Maybe 3CE’s products are more familiar in the Vietnamese market.

G9SKIN launched in September 2016 with the orientation as a skin beauty brand that fights pollution in cities. G9SKIN helps to reduce the burden on the skin in the busy urban life, thus introducing 9 types of complex for healthy and radiant skin.
G9SKIN was launched in September 2016 under Cosmelab

This article ignores the advantages of the brand and focuses on reviewing G9SKIN’s products, 3CE’s product reviews already have many, so I won’t mention it anymore. But first, you need to know that G9SKIN is a brand that focuses on skin care products that are impacted by adverse urban factors. You can read about the brand’s history here.

#1: BOX DESIGN G9Skin White in Whipping Cream

If you often go to buy large milk cartons, paper boxes, you will probably recognize the similarity, the ice cream box of G9SKIN has a similar design, increasing the hint that the cream inside will be like milk, The shell combines light pink and white tones, so it’s very cute.

Designed like a paper milk box, gentle pink and white tones. It means the cream inside will be the same.
Designed like a paper milk box, gentle pink and white tones. It means the cream inside will be the same.

In terms of colors, pink and white are probably the main colors of G9SKIN in the product lines, of course there are other colors, but in general, the design of the company is very eye-catching but not flashy but delicate. Other products can be viewed at the company’s homepage in Singapore.

#2: Texture of G9Skin White in Whipping Cream

Based on the product naming, I correctly envisioned the nature of this cream, after checking again the information announced by the company, as well as testing it, my judgment was correct. Let’s analyze the product name: G9SKIN White in Whipping Cream.

Review G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream Box 4 1

White in – That is, the product helps to whiten the skin gradually, and by the method of improving the skin from the inside, not in the direction of peeling / removing the outer skin layer. I also share that I am allergic to the method of peeling skin to whiten, a method that brings many consequences. Please do not confuse bleaching with exfoliation, please re-read the Complete article on Exfoliation to have the right view.

Whipping Cream – This word in the world of gourmets, chefs or those who like to make cakes must be too obvious. This is a very easy to whip cream, often used to decorate cakes. Especially this cream is very easy to melt when applied force. Through such naming, we can imagine the smooth, easy-to-apply cream of this product.

When applied evenly, the cream will liquefy and absorb into the skin very quickly.
When applied evenly, the cream will liquefy, appear a water drop effect, spread evenly, the cream is absorbed very quickly

When first applied to the skin, the cream still feels a little thick, but under the impact of force and body temperature, the cream liquefies very quickly. Please note this point, many of you do not understand, so the village is that the cream is broken. When applied, the cream liquefies and looks like rain water, this feature makes the cream easy to dissolve, quickly absorbed and especially contains high moisture. When applied to the skin, it feels really soft and hydrated. For a better understanding, please watch the video below.


Through the video and the actual test, I confirm that this cream is worth the money. After applying evenly, the skin lightens up 1 tone, not white and unnatural like the creams I used, the translucent white color makes the skin look smooth. This makes it highly portable, before going out, you can use it to make your face brighter without having to spend a lot of time on makeup.

Before and after using the cream, the skin lightens very naturally.
Before and after using the cream, the skin lightens very naturally.

The advantage of this cream’s quick absorption is great, I tried it before applying makeup and liked it, because the moisture the cream provides makes the makeup look more soulful. This cream box as I tested can be used morning and night, use it early in the morning and then apply makeup. At night, I use it after washing it clean, in the morning when I wake up, I feel my face is brighter, of course the whitening effect from the inside will come over time, not like silly creams, mix enough. dangerous dimensions to light up the world. Basically, the foundation of the creams is to first supply and moisturize the skin, the skin has enough water, the absorption and metabolism, the catalysis of new cell regeneration can be thoroughly done. Functions such as whitening, regeneration, anti-aging. In this respect G9SKIN White in Whipping Cream has done a great job. About the ability to control oil; I have oily skin, my face feels completely dry when I use the cream, even overnight, some of you say that the ability to control oil is negligible. You know how, the product depends on the location.


  • Beautiful and cute packaging and closure
  • Light cream, quickly absorbed
  • Excellent moisturizing ability
  • Whitening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing in one product
  • Apply it on to see the skin bright immediately. Naturally bright.
  • It’s good to use as a foundation before applying makeup.
  • Very alkaline, here are the results when testing on my skin.
  • If you want instant white skin like peeling skin, this is not it. This cream gradually nourishes the skin healthy and white from the inside.
By Hazel Winslow

Due to the nature of my job, I have to constantly travel everywhere. My lifestyle is a bit erratic, and time is limited. Therefore, to maintain my health at the best possible level, I always try to limit fast food and replace it with fruits and vegetables. When it comes to skin care products, I put safety first. Because I don't have much time to do elaborate skin care steps, I like products that provide optimal results in a short time.

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